Shipping Information

Please call our customer support team on 01698 769875 to discuss delivery to NI, Ireland and outlying islands from the UK mainland.
If your floor has delivered damaged and is within a 28 day period of receipt, please contact us via email or phone call. During the returns process, we may ask further questions or give recommendations on the use of product to help you get the best from a product and to stop and unnecessary returns. It would be of great help if you assist our staff with telling them as much detail as possible regarding the defect of your floor. Please return any accessories and boxes that came with the floor. Once we receive your floor, we will test and inspect the product, if the floor is defective we can offer you a refund or an exchange, within the first 28 days of purchase. After the first 28 days, we won't be able to offer a full refund on the floor, but may offer a discount on another floor.

Orders and Returns

You can track your order in the user admin tools - under "orders". There are two states your order will be shown as. PENDING - meaning your order has been received by Artisan Flooring and is awaiting processing & packaging. DISPACHED - meaning your order has been shippped to you or is in the process of being shipped. If you require a tracking number and one is available, please contact us by phone (during office hours) or email and we will send this to you.
If you haven't received your order and your tracking number says that it has been delivered, please contact us with the details of your order. Please include your Artisan Flooring order number, which you should receive in a email, and we will open an investigation with our couriers.
Your floor can only be returned to the supplier. You will be responsibile for return courier costs.

Please contact us via email or phone, you will need to include your order number (you can find this in your PayPal / Invoice confirmation email).


Primasrily, we accept Bank Transfers. For online purchases, we use PayPal as our Payment Gateway. This means we accept all Visa Credit & Debit cards, Mastercards and payment via PayPal balance. Don't worry if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still enter your payment details as a guest, and checkout sucessfully.
We do not accept e-cheque or American Express or Diners cards.
For Bank Transfers, please make payments to :

Previously Trees Ltd.
Clear Bank (Tide Bank)
Sort Code : 04-06-05
Acc No. : 1538-3045
Check that your bank account or PayPal bank account has sufficient funds. Payments will primarily only be rejected if the instant payment is not completed via PayPal (online payments only).
You will be notififioed of a successful payment as soon as it has been done. There are only 2 possible outcomes.. success or failure. We do not receive any information about the reason for a failed online payment. Please refer to your card-issuer for more information regarding this.
If you are returned to a payment cancelled page on our site, your payment has been unsuccessful. Please refer to your bank or PayPal account for details.

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If You Have More Questions

Contact us by email or phone (during business hours) if you need additional help. Our well trained staff will be happy to answer and qustions you might have.